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Leading Local Blinds in Seaforth, NSW

Designer Blinds and Plantations Seaforth, NSW is committed to bring you high quality blinds suitable for home and office applications. Our blinds are finely fabricated to make sure you get the best result upon installation. These window coverings are not imported and they are locally produced through our accredited local manufacturers in Seaforth.

From our viewing gallery, you may select your preferred design of blinds which you think may complement your existing home theme. We also have professional installers who are technically equipped to handle the installation job with no room for mistakes.

And if you have questions in mind, our 24/7 customer care support is always prepared to answer you. Feel free to send us a message and we’ll be glad to set up an appointment with you.

We Offer the Following Type of Blinds

  • Vertical Screens
  • Outdoor Blinds
  • Motorised Blinds
  • Straight Drop Blinds
  • Clear PVC Outdoor Blinds
  • Crank Zip Blinds
  • Plus More!

Awnings & Shutters in Seaforth, NSW

Designer Blinds & Plantations Seaforth, NSW features a vast range of good working awnings and shutters to secure your priceless belongings from weather damage. We specialize in building Folding Arm Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Motorized Shutters and Plantation Shutters for both residential and office use.

Our awnings and shutters are easy to operate since all materials and assembly parts are made durable to ensure lasting performance for many years. These window coverings are fabricated in Seaforth as well as surrounding towns, which mean we are able to offer our products and services at affordable rates.

Also, clients need not to worry about installation as Designer Blinds and Plantations Seaforth, NSW only deploys skilled professionals to properly secure your awnings and shutters in place. Feel free to communicate with one of our customer-friendly staff, so we can further assist you with your window covering needs.

We Offer the Following Type of Awnings & Shutters

  • Folding Arm Awnings
  • Fully Customized Awnings
  • Retractable Awnings
  • Motorized Awnings
  • Plantation Shutters
  • Motorized Shutters
  • Plus More!

Retractable Roof in Seaforth, NSW

Designer Blinds & Plantations Seaforth, NSW offers several designs of retractable roofs and pergolas to secure your outdoor spaces and home amenities against high wind pressure and weather elements. Our retractable roofs and pergolas are equipped with sturdy rolling mechanisms and versatile roofing slats to give your seating areas and walkways a decent protection while enhancing the overall beauty of your surroundings.

Our Retractable Roofs and Pergolas are highly adaptable to the hot and humid climate in Australia. We also have professional installers to handle all the installation part in order to keep our Retractable Roofs and Pergolas always in top shape. Feel free to visit our gallery or talk to our representatives to learn more of our beautiful retractable roofs and other roofing services.

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