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  1. A $250 call-out fee applies to all services, except those covered by the 12-month workmanship warranty period. The call-out fee must be paid upfront before service attendance
  2. Additional fees may apply for services deemed more complicated than standard. Customers will be informed of any additional charges before proceeding.
  3. Warranty: The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship for the following periods:
    • 12 Months on Workmanship
    • 10-year UV warranty on Fabric
    • 5 years on Components
    • 7 years on Motors
    • 3 years on Remotes and Sensors.
This warranty applies to products exclusively sold by Designer Blinds & Plantations and commences from the date of installation. Terms and conditions apply, including exclusions for normal wear and tear, misuse, and failure to adhere to maintenance instructions. Customers are responsible for expenses related to removal or installation beyond standard call-out fees. I have read and understood the terms and conditions outlined above, and I agree to abide by them.