Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Designer Blinds and Plantation

This privacy policy carefully explains how Designer Blinds and Plantations collects, uses, and distributes your personal information. If there is any portion of this privacy policy that may seem unclear, feel free to send us your queries and concerns and we will be glad to respond as quickly as we can.

This privacy policy adheres to the existing Australian Privacy regulation known as the Privacy Act of 1988. As a legitimate service provider in Australia, this establishes the policies on how we comply with our business obligations regarding the Australian Privacy Principles, which regulate how enterprises use, collect or distribute personal information as well as how customers can access and make appropriate corrections. Section 6 of the Privacy Act defines personal information as “information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database), whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion.”

Data Collection

Designer Blinds and Plantation generally collects personal information from customers for the process and provisions of our goods and services. We also gather personal information from third-party sources, but only if clients have expressively consented us to collect such personal details. Below is a detailed explanation of how we collect information from our customers:


Online Contact Forms

We use contact forms to collect personal information from customer inquiries. We may utilize such personal information to introduce some of our goods and services to customers as well as inform them of our upcoming promotions, product innovations, and service discounts.


Website Access and Usage

Designer Blinds and Plantation uses cookies to gather pertinent traffic data and analyze these valuable details with respect to the use of our website. Cookies provide information regarding site performance indicators, which are used as a reference to improve user experience and site navigation.

Analytics are also utilized to help us understand better how many people are on the site and determine the areas that may require some necessary changes. However, you can disable the use of cookies by modifying the security settings of your browser.


External Sources of Information

We may collect personal information from other companies, but the details may be limited to what is necessary to help us provide the goods or perform the services in an effective manner.


Purpose of Advertising

Personal information may be used in various advertising forms, which may seem tailor-fitted to the interest and current location of our online visitors and customers. This does not mean users will receive more advertisements, but rather advertisements from third-party vendors and affiliated sites which are relevant to their target interest.


Term of Disclosure or Application

We, at Designer Blinds and Plantation, will only use personal information for a specific purpose being requested from us or any other purposes which are related to one of our activities, such as marketing initiatives and customer care services. We will not disclose your personal information to other third-party companies except for the following conditions below:

  • Prior consent from you through writing a formal request
  • You have been informed that such personal details would need to pass on to another party
  • For the purpose of legal disputes
  • If disclosure is authorized by law or deemed necessary for the implementation of criminal laws
  • If disclosure would prevent and imminent threat to someone’s life

Data Protection

Designer Blinds and Plantation often takes proactive steps to secure your personal information against unauthorized access, mishandling, and data loss. We enforce the following data protection protocols to ensure that all valuable information and project details are completely secured in our data servers:

  • Password protection for all IT-related systems, including password protection and log-in access
  • Use of updated SSL security systems
  • Internal policies regarding the use and storage of personal information, business details and revenue details
  • Restricted employee access to sensitive information where applicable
  • Data encryption to all transactions, such as project invoicing, payment schedules, contract terms, and client information among others
  • Creation of backup data from secure servers

If the client no longer requests for personal information, all details are eradicated safely from our secure servers. Inactive client accounts are also removed from the system in order to minimize the risk of a data breach.

Correction to Personal Information

We, at Designer Blinds and Plantation, take all the necessary procedures to keep your personal details and service history updated and accurate. If you find any of your personal information incorrect, please communicate with us through the contact details provided at the bottom.

As per Australian Privacy regulations, there will be scenarios where we cannot provide access to personal information without any prior consent from the concerned party, for instance, if disclosure would put someone’s life in great danger. Also, be reminded that third-party sites that are linked to our website may acquire personal information from you. It is suggested to review their individual privacy statement page to know how your personal information is being collected.

If you think that there has been a violation concerning the use of Australian Privacy Principles in this policy, feel free to call our attention through email, voice call, or direct mail.